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The Cape Salon was founded with the goal of making our clients feel and look amazingly beautiful. It is named after one of the most magnificent places in the world - Cape Town, South Africa.  Here majestic mountains are lapped by exquisite seas, and the wondrous beauty of nature is felt, even more than it is seen. This is the essence of our goal - true beauty that starts from within. With our blended South African and American heritage, we want to enrich your local experience and make you feel like you're amongst family - comfortable and at ease and confidently beautiful.

We are a family-owned team that believes in the importance of both good value and ethical service. We therefore offer the best in sustainable, high-quality, yet affordable products.

So, sit back, relax and let our skilled professional team take care of you. Get in touch to find out more about what we offer or to book an appointment.

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